This is not your typical conservative West Michigan cookie cutter salon. 


Salon Rise is the rebellious black sheep your mother warned you about and we don't care what she thinks.


We don't merely aspire to piss your mom off, but this isn't the place for outdated conformative style. We are the proverbial middle finger to the status quo.


We highly doubt you possess the rebellious spirit required to fully appreciate our unapologetic intensity for style or our  artistry for vulgarity. 


You probably don't even care that every one of our savvy stylists possess over a decade of experience or that we have traveled far and wide in pursuit of continuous education in the latest methods and techniques.


If we’ve offended your core beliefs or morality, feel free to call Harriot’s Hair Haberdashery to get your Kate Goslin, can I speak to your manager haircut and your chunky, Kelly Clarkson highlights. Just turn around and walk away.